Expect delays to delivery due to Lockdown curfew in place
Expect delays to delivery due to Lockdown curfew in place
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About us

For many of us being away from loved ones was the hardest with the COVID-19 lockdown, especially as it was during two seasonal celebrations and if you were to travel to spend the holidays with family back home, that no longer could be done. 

Keeping in touch was paramount, and everything from zoom to, phone to WhatsApp messages was all touchless and distant. So creativity led to us thinking we could change this void. Whether it was from Australia to Rajagiriya or England to Wellawatte, Italy to Negambo or Canada to Jaffna with no working postal service, we could make it all happen, in a easy, reliable and convenient way that was high-touch yet safe.

Even if you couldn't be there your thoughts and a greeting card they could touch and feel, could be there in Sri Lanka with your family and friends the next working day.

So five friends put their minds together and created Cards2lanka, and we are here to help you make a loved one’s day special with our full range of meaningful, customisable and quality greeting cards to suit every need.

Our comprehensive collection ranges from heartfelt cards for the big occasions to new baby celebrations, and a COVID 19 free hug cards and much more. 

We trust you will find our service does just that hassle-free across 

Whenever you place an order through our online store at www.cards2lanka.com, your order is serviced by Cards2Lanka UK LTD, a limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales. 


Cards2Lanka team