Sinhala & Tamil New Year 14th April 2021

Avurudu/Puththandu celebrations promotes family unity and a spirit of gratitude and community in the villages, towns and cities of Sri Lanka. It is a national holiday in Sri Lanka and is celebrated every April. Sinahala Avurudu is celebrated when the sun, or Bak, reaches a given astronomical alignment. Aluth Avurudda is primarily a harvest celebration. The Maha harvest provides an opportunity to give thanks and enjoy the fruit of the land. 

The celebration of Puththandu features the Tamil Hindu rituals and Maruthu Neer is made to anoint the heads of family members in preparation for a traditional ceremonial bath. New clothes and special colours help make the New Year celebration abundant especially with sweet rice cooked with ghee, cashew nuts, and jaggery that is lovingly prepared and shared.